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Ongoing projects


Project title: Medical Intellignece for Assisstive Management Interface - Mild Dementia

Programme: Horizon 2020

Project duration: 2015 - 2019

Lead partner: Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation

DEX IC´s role: We supported coordinator in project development and we are responsible partner for clinical trials in implementation phase

SMART4MD is the project addresses an unmet need in the integrated care and support for patients for mild dementia which is affecting a growing part of Europe´s population. Project has aim to extend independent living for patients, while increasing their quality of life and reducing cost to the healthcare system. However project will also monitor the well-being of carers, allowing healthcare professionals to support carers and ensure that the carers are always able to give the patients the best possible care.

There will be developed a patient intelligence and support platform, promoting medication compliance and quality of life. It will be available through technologies available for patients.  Seamless communication with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) allows sharing of patient specific data between health care professionals, social care professionals and informal carers, upon patient consent.


Project title: Raising Strong and Resilient Communities

Programme: Erasmus+

Project duration: 2014 - 2016

Lead partner: Svenska Folkolans Vanner

DEX IC´s role: Support of Czech DEX (DEX IC´s sister organisation) in communication with target group and other relevant tasks in project implementation

Consortium of partners will develop a set of educational tools that can be used in adult education (with focus on non-formal adult education) dealing with active citizenship and participation. These tools will be based on existing and the further expansion of developed approaches, theories and methods of storytelling. A teacher/trainer manual, structured courses for adult educators, and a collection of videos/audio recordings will be developed to show the best practices and functions as instruction videos.

The aim is to have trained non formal (adult) educators, volunteers and others involved in community collaboration, communication and well-being through a process that enables them to acquire new skills of listening, understanding and supporting communities in the 'reconstruction' of their past, present and future. They will learn innovative methods to assess communities, their 'hidden' social networks, storytelling spaces, key-storytellers and their true needs, based on mapping and story collecting. They will learn how to plan and craft new stories of collaboration and cooperation for the future and they will be able to assist communities in the communication and maintenance of these stories.